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Prepared with the same love and care as their candles Loobylou has added aroma diffusers to the Classic Collection.

If you prefer just to "set and forget" then this is the product range for you. The same uniquely blended scents are used for the aroma diffusers as for Loobylou candles.

Scenting a space is not just about the fragrance but more about the feelings it evokes; from warm and safe to fun and breezy aroma reeds are such a convenient way to achieve this and set whatever mood you are searching.

Only perfume-grade fragrances and 100% natural essential oils are used to prepare the scents.

All fragrances are custom blended as Loobylou believes pre-mixed fragrance just doesn't give the same outcome.

  • 100% Australia made
  • No artificial or chemically produced fragrances used
  • 200ml aroma diffuser
  • Amber glass bottle to protect contents from light
  • Formulated to deliver long lasting fragrance

 Honey and Cucumber

Beautiful pairing of warm and sultry honey with the clean and crisp natural smell of cucumber makes this candle uniquely harmonious and perfect for so many spaces. Perfect for living areas, bedrooms as well as bathrooms and kitchens. This combination is sure to be a hit with males and females young and old.

Pomelo with Spearmint and Sage

A scent reminiscent of summer with the clean ,crisp citrus fragrance of pomelo cooled with a bite of spearmint and combined with the earthiness of sage. The crispness is not overly sharp and the spearmint and sage add a beautiful balance to make this candle a great all rounder.

Fig with Feijoa and White Rose

Fig and feijoa, similar in shape but oh how different they are. The fig, subtle, almost floral pairs beautifully with the sharp and earthy guava like feijoa. The gentle scent of white rose is added to soften and sweeten the combination giving a clarity but distinction to all three. A favourite blend already proving to be a crowd pleaser.

Bush Herbs with Clary Sage and Patchouli

A stunning combination! The clean, sharp aroma of clary sage mixed with sultry patchouli and the depth of  bush herbs of gum, eucalyptus, wild rosemary and lemon myrtle make this a winner. Men and women alike gravitate to this combination and it's perfectly placed to be used in the kitchen, bathroom or bedroom.

Lemon Blossom with Cananga and Bergamot

Perfect for citrus lovers who love something a little different but still want a little elegance. The sweetness of the lemon blossom is enhanced with the floral but slightly woody aroma of the cananga flower. All this tied together with the citrus notes of bergamot make for a perfectly layered, clean, sharp but well rounded candle.


Bourbon Vanilla with Tonka and Sandalwood

Vanilla with its warm and sultry feel is tempered with tonka bean and sandalwood to provide depth and ground to this candle. Perfect for the kitchen, living spaces or the bedroom with vanilla and bourbon giving it a rich and sultry feel while the sandalwood adds a woody, exotic yet fresh and soft finish. For those who love warm and soft yet fresh scents.

Ginger Flower with Patchouli and Frangipani

Subtle layering is at the heart of this combination. The deep full scent of ginger flower is paired perfectly with wild frangipani and patchouli adds a rich base cutting through the sweetness of the other two but not altering its delicacy. This is for those who appreciate floral scents but are not fans of sickly sweet.

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    The reeds really diffuse the fragrance well and the scent is sweet but fresh, not at all overpowering.