Welcome to the world of "where did you find that?!!"

Beautifully Gifted, my business baby; was born, as are many small businesses, out of frustration and necessity. For so long I'd painstakingly search through stores for that "special" gift; a gift that was unique and thoughtful. 

I then came to realize that if I was having so much trouble sorting through all the mass produced "fast fashion" gifts then so must others. So out of that frustration Beautifully Gifted was launched.

Now, with a passion for sourcing the different we are happy to present gifts created by talented craftspeople from both Australia and abroad. Pieces that reflect the traditions and uniqueness of talent of the artisans who create them. As a retired Pharmacist integrity of product has always been important to me and continues to be so today.

Beautifully Gifted is also committed to supporting fair and ethical producers and suppliers no matter the size of their businesses. With this at the forefront we will continue to focus our attention on sourcing affordable but uniquely stylish gifts from skilled artisan communities and creative, independent boutique producers.

Whether you are searching for a gift for yourself or for a significant someone in your life we invite you to enjoy the shopping experience with Beautifully Gifted; knowing that your purchase is based on quality but as importantly may also be making a change in the lives of others.

Thanks for taking the time to read about my passion and enjoy your shopping experience.