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We all know Christmas is coming, when it is and yet somehow so many of us still manage to get caught out in that timeline.

Plenty to do to keep us busy until the Big Day itself arrives. Parties to go to, catch-ups with loved ones and of course the gift buying.

After those challenging Covid years we emerged in 2022 determined to do some making up for lost time and we did and then looked forward to 2023 to be an easier, more fun year. But 2023 presented its own new challenges and we find ourselves in a tighter financial situation than what we'd like.

But this doesn't mean we can't still enjoy and celebrate Christmas. We just buy smaller more thoughtful gifts. Something meaningful and personal such as a beautifully scented candle or a piece of hand crafted jewellery. Maybe look to buy from a small business that supports artisan communities rather than the big faceless department stores, that way you get a unique gift and someone else is helped in the process.

Most of all we should try not let the stress of Christmas looming wear us down. Enjoy the lead up and when you get to the Big Day itself, in the end, just remember and celebrate what Christmas means for you and your family.